What We Offer

Social Skills Development  

Well developed social and emotional skills are the crux of later school success. Children learn cooperative play, safe emotional expression, and social problem solving skills at A Learning Hub Preschool. Caring teachers routinely interact with children in play and conversation to assist them in their developing maturity.

A Learning Hub Preschool
A Learning Hub Preschool

Extended Hours

It's tough to balance being professional parents and making sure your child receives the attention and care they need for healthy development. We offer extended hours, from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, giving you the time you need and the care they deserve.

Motor Development

Fine motor skills are honed through the use of art, drawing, and cutting tools as well as games and activities that use the small muscles of the hands and wrists. Children freely choose these actitivities individually and engage in them in small groups facilitates by teachers.

An  hour of outdoor play or gym play, along with music and movement time each day, strengthens large muscles and aids in the development of coordination and balance. As a plus, children also learn team play, cooperation, and good sportsmanship.

A Learning Hub Preschool
A Learning Hub Preschool

Behavioral Interventions

We all pick up bad habits, but developing them now often means having them for a lifetime. A Learning Hub shares a facility with Behavioral Connections, an Applied Behavior Analysis clinic that specializes in behavior modification. We can help make sure your child knows what is and isn't appropriate behavior, regardless of setting.

Child Observation Record (COR) ™

Among the many perks of using this assessment tool, two in particular standout: the milestone approach & the research that backs it. Every person is different, especially when it comes to learning. A Learning Hub Preschool takes care to make sure every student's needs are understood at an individual level, and this assessment helps do just that. Once we know where your child is, we know how far they can go...

                                                                                                      which is very, very far.

A Learning Hub Preschool

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is derived from interests the children express as well as events in the world around them such as holidays and the changing seasons. Children suggest activity ideas and participate in teacher designed activities that enhance their skills development. Activities are based on the children's current developmental levels with an eye on their goals.


Children have free access to all the areas of interest in the classroom every day. Art and writing, math, science, small manipulatives, dramatic play, block play, and the reading loft provide ongoing opportunities for fun and learning.

Cognitive Development

Critical thinking skills develop through daily opportunities to make choices, plan work and play activities, and analyze the success of their choices. Children choose their own activities based on their individual interests and skill levels, as well as participate in learning centers each day that focus on specific learning domains such as math, science, and lanaguage and literacy.

A Learning Hub Preschool